Tsunagu Kizuna - Team. Nekokan feat. Amaoto Junca (Translation)

The end is a nostalgic season.
I searched for a future
back in that summer day where we made a relationship.
It seemed like it would break if we touched it,
so we stood there unable to do anything.

The answer we found after hurting each other
wasn’t only to think of each other dearly.

I want to hold back those transient feelings, pain, and everything else
because I met with your kindness.
Even if “relation” were to change its name,
the meaning we made certain will not change
and we’ll call it a “bond”.

That awkward smile that embraced an endless loneliness,
where does it belong in the happiness it imagined?

I hope
that I could at least be the place you return to after so many spilled tears.

I hope you’ll tell me the feelings that barely blossomed in your kindness,
it’s okay if I end up getting hurt.
The smile you gave me, those deep emotions, and even a small weakness,
everything is precious.

If we survey the closeness between us,
from now on, from this place,
I can walk forward bit by bit.
Smile, I’m sure our strong relationship holding our hands will guide us.

There are people in this wide world watching over us,
no matter what I have tell you that.
Our feelings soaring towards the faint sky becoming one,
we’ll make them certain.

Artist: Team. Nekokan feat. Amaoto Junca
Song: Tsunagu Kizuna.
Anime: Yosuga no Sora.

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