One Word... - Lee Jun Ki (Translation)

The wind that blows on me, blows on you…
The light that shines on me, shines on you
We live in the same world, but separated…
I want to see you, my heart breaks
Without you, I am worthless
When I wake up, my yearning increases like a debt
Madly, I search for you…

Just one word saying “I love you”…
Just one word asking “come back”
The words stay in my heart, the tears fall first
I missed the chance to say just one word

My aggravated love is breaking out…
I cannot hide it anymore…
It is laziness that allows this separation
Always putting off the remedy until tomorrow
Time stops and you are getting further away
I know this, but still I wait…


The only thing more painful than not speaking that word
Is that I did not hear you say it either…

Just one word that said you loved me
Just one word could have made me happy
The regrets and my longing linger
Though you forgot me… how can I forget you?
Don`t know Love

Music & Lyrics performed by Lee Jun Ki.
Album: J STYLE.
Photo: Lee Jun Ki & other (?)
Desing: Carol Padalecki.

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