Smiling Vampire by CP

Smiling Vampire,
Living Vampire,
Killing Vampire.

Through the skies you fly,
Walking on the street
You bring death to others.

Live a lie,
Live a sin,
Die with passion,
Die with Me. 

Give me a reason to belive,
Give me a promise You'll live.

Dancing on fire,
Drinking blood,
This eyes are the brightest,
Of a glamurous dream.

I'm glad I met You,
Now I can't live without You,
And You just wanna kill Me...
Don't You?

I mean nothing for You,
But You mean the world to Me.

Oh, smiling Vampire,
Oh, my sweet Lord,
Oh, living Vampire,
Oh, I just want the World,
Oh, killing Vampire,
Oh, tell Me what You thought.

Lyrics by Carol Padalecki.
All rights reserved.

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