Adrenaline - 12 Stones

*1 bv~
My heart is beating faster
Can't control these feelings anymore
I've waited long enough
I want it more than anyone
It's time to step up and deliver what you wanna see
My blood is pumping, now this is how it's gonna be

It's 45 minutes of love
I wanna see you push and you shove
I'll show you just how far to go
It's time to lose all our control

So feel it
And I can't control these feelings anymore
Believe it
My heart is racing and I can't seem to get enough
Am I dreaming?
Feels like a drug but I know it's just adrenaline
Just feel it
Ooohhhh my heart is beating faster

My adrenaline reached its limit
I can feel it taking over me
My head is spinning
And it seems like I can hardly breathe
You get a taste
It's like a drug that you don't wanna leave
So if you want it let me see you put your fist in the air



[1 bv]


It's 45 minutes of love
My heart is beating faster
My heart is beating faster!

Music performed by 12 Stones.
Lyrics from 12 Stones.
Photo: Jared Padalecki
Desing: Carol Padalecki

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