Weight Of The World - Saliva

Love to be beside you and the way you smell
The way your lips feel and your fingernails.
The way your fingers crawl up my spine,
Though you always make me the last in line.

I carry the weight of the world as the past is unfurled, but I won't stop to wonder.
Going through this life on my own made me cold as a stone; I'm a ship going under.

And I'd tell you this, but I don't know how.
And I'm caving in, and I'm falling out.
And I can't resist, and I can't rebound.
With the weight of the world as the world falls down.

It's the way you thrill me, then pull away.
The way you seem to kill me, a little more each day.
And it's what you're thinking in your twisted mind.
The way your body trembles, when it's next to mine.


[BRB x2]

I feel the weight of the world as it's falling down (x4)
This pain I think about it everyday,
it tells me I'm never gonna get away.
I know it's over, but I can't escape
memories and how to face another day.

Photo: 11 Eyes.
Desing: Carol Padalecki.
Lyrics and Music by Saliva.

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  1. hermosa canción!!
    gracias por subir la letra
    besos!!!y que andes de maravilla!